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Instead of opening that bag of potato chips or running to the ice cream truckk, keep your kids fueled and healthy this summer with these nutritious and delicious, kid-friendly snack ideas.

1. Easy Jell-O Snack

An easy recipe kids will love – they get to pick their favorite colors

2. Cherry Sorbet

Healthy, fresh alternative to ice cream

3. Almond Lovers Trail Mix

Delicious snack that will keep you and the kids fueled

4. Ice Pops

A gourmet twist on an old summer favorite

5. Bagel Gone Bananas

Healthy and quick breakfast or snack

6. Zu-Canoes

A creative idea with plenty of vegetables

7. Fruit Leather

A homemade 3-ingredient alternative to packaged fruit leathers

8. Peaches & Cream Frozen Yogurt

Easy and delicious seasonal favorite

9. Oatmeal Snack Cakes

Healthy recipe for a delicious breakfast or snack

10.  Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Soft, delicious nd healthier than regular french fries

Other Ideas

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